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‘Aggressive’: Lenovo Tab Sales Soar 421%

Chinese PC giant announces sales have hit a ‘record-high’ of almost US$10bn (US$9.8bn), up 13% y-o-y as tablet demand soars 421%, in Q2.

Profit also hits record-high $220m, up 36%. 
According to investor presentation, released today, the No. 1 PC maker plans to “aggressively expand” smartphone markets, and ‘protect core PC business’. 
It also has big global plans to rollout its popular tablets including Yogapad further, globally. 77% of tab sales were outside China. 
JB HiFi has just started selling its Yoga (Android) tablet – the first retailer in Oz , and is expecting “big things” from it pre-Christmas, Scott Browning told CN this month. 
Analyst Stats show Lenovo is continuing to conquer smartphone, PC, and tab markets globally . 
It is amongst the worlds top 5 smartphone makers, enjoying major success in its native China, although its mobiles not yet available in OZ. 

Lenovo is also edging out veteran HP as the world’s No. 1 PC maker. 
The giant says it’s “confident PC market will improve” and “customers no longer see tablet as PC replacement”, and claims to have almost 18% market share of the market.