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Officeworks Combat Amazon With World First Mega Store


Officeworks has sought to combat the growth of Amazon Australia, by unveiling the world’s largest office supply store in Melbourne’s Mentone – an immersive try-before-you-buy experience, expanding 6,500 square metres.

As per AFRthe outlet will showcase home automation and smart home technologies, plus educational supplies and office furniture.

It complements Officeworks’ recently acquired mobile tech repair service ‘Geeks2U.’

The mega store is reportedly four times the size of its traditional outlets, and will range 35,000 products including its largest Apple display range.

The news follows the appointment of former Coles Director, Sarah Hunter, as new Managing Director.

The mega store will offer customised sports and corporate gear kiosks, whilst accommodating families with an in-store cafe and playground.

Expanding its target market, the outlet will offer Officeworks’ largest print and copy centre, accommodating architect and designer print services too.

The giant store will complement its existing e-commerce presence –  which reportedly accounts for 20% of total sales – and act as a distribution centre too.

The launch defies industry trends away from big box stores, however, the retailer asserts it’s an important part of its multi-channel presence, leveraging bricks-and-mortar with online sales.

As previously reported, Officeworks has remained a cash cow for parent company, Wesfarmers, with half-year sales per square metre climbing 7.6%, with total sales up 8.2% to $1.1 billion.


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