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No Quarantine Cops To Prowl Aussie Streets: ScoMo Promise

CANBERRA: Scott Morrison has denied that the Australian Government might follow the example of Britain and the USA in using technology to track citizens who aren’t following the recently introduced local lockdown laws that aim to see Aussies – particularly older ones – stay inside their homes.

Britain is said to be using location analysis tools to track the movement of crowds, though not necessarily identifying individuals; while the US Administration is reported to be using location data from millions of mobile phones to track the movements of Americans.

Asked at a weekend media conference whether the Australian Government was considering tracking data to see if people are looking to escape lockdown laws, the PM denied that he Government was considering such a move.


“The Australian Government isn’t doing that,” he said flatly. “What I want to be clear about is [that] the policies and measures that we will put in place for Australia will be right for Australia.

“They will understand how Australia works and how Australia thinks and what our rules are and what our society understands and accepts. Our values. That is what we will do in Australia.” 

He added: “The UK is a different society to Australia … we have different health systems. We have a federation in Australia. We have different ways of doing things in Australia.” 

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