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“Critical”: Microsoft Issues Windows XP Patch

"Critical": Microsoft Issues Windows XP PatchMicrosoft said it will deliver five security updates this week, including two rated as “critical”, one of which will patch a vulnerability discovered in the company’s Internet Explorer browser.

Bulletins three and four will address important but not critical vulnerabilities in Windows, and bulletin five will be for users of Silverlight on Mac and Windows.
In local news, Microsoft Australia has asked the Federal Government to review a controversial policy enacted by the Attorney-General’s Department which effectively restricts government data containing private information from being stored in offshore facilities.
Under a cloud computing directive issued by the AG last year, departments and agencies must acquire the approval of the Attorney-General and their relevant portfolio minister before government data containing private information can be stored in offshore facilities.
Website Delimiter reports that in a submission to the Government in December, and now made public, Microsoft went out of its way to criticise the new rules.
Microsoft wrote that the Attorney-General’s cloud guidelines had added an additional hurdle for agencies’ consideration of cloud computing services; had created confusion with agencies; and was at odds with the “more constructive” guidance of Office of the Australian Information Commissioner.