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Nintendo Tipped To Feature Nvidia GeForce Now

Japanese gaming titan Nintendo who are known as sticklers for exclusivity, may be looking at incorporating Nvidia’s game streaming service, GeForce Now.

With the Switch lacking the graphical power of its rivals – the PS5 and the Xbox Series X – Nintendo have been making use of cloud gaming to bring more demanding games to the platform, such as Hitman 3 and Kingdom Hearts. However, Nintendo’s cloud streaming services is much more limited than others, with a max resolution of 720p, 30fps limits and prone to pixelation.

It also, unlike other streaming services, requires users to purchase the game at full price.

In an interview with TechRadar Gaming, GeForce Now vice president and general manager Phil Eisler explained how the streaming service was growing and briefly touched on their plans for the future.

“Based on member requests, we started supporting smart TVs beginning with the latest LG TV models in December 2021,”

“At CES in January, we announced that we’re collaborating with Samsung to bring GeForce Now to its Smart TVs by adding the service to the Samsung Gaming Hub. We continue to evaluate other devices that our members are interested in.”

Despite the switch being powered by a Nvidia processor, unlike other consoles on the market, Nintendo are likely to be hesitant to adopt GeForce Now, as it now makes use of the Steam Library. Nintendo are a company who love their exclusivity and until the Switch, had very limited support for third-party games.

Nvidia have also stated that cloud streaming services such as GeForce Now are not yet a replacement for gaming hardware.

“We are not there yet, but cloud gaming is a great alternative for those who can’t afford a new console or gaming PC or just want to play their games on other devices,” says Eisler. The highest tier of GeForce Now subscription gives users the power of an RTX 3080.

While a more powerful Nintendo Switch is likely to be released in the future, Nintendo making use of GeForce Now seems like the only immediate solution for bringing the latest games to the console, and remaining competitive with their rivals.

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