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Nintendo Switch Could Outsell Xbox One In 2017

A prominent video games analyst has predicted sales of the Nintendo Switch could edge ahead of the Xbox One this year.

Michael Pachter said that, although sales numbers of both consoles will be close in 2017, Nintendo’s dominant position in Japan and the Switch’s unique position as a handheld console may see the company edge ahead.

“I’d say Switch could sell as many as 14 million, and if that happens, that’s more than Xbox One,” Pachter said on the YouTube show Pachtor Factor.

“Xbox One will probably sell around 10-11 million, but again Microsoft doesn’t tell you and there’s no way to measure anymore. But I’d say Xbox One is on track for 10-11 million a year, Switch is going to do that many, 10-11, it could sell more, it really depends, and I need to get through a holiday season to see.”

Pachter also predicted the future of the console, and said he was not confident the Switch will replicate the success of Nintendo’s Wii console that sold over 100 million since launching in 2006.

“Over time, I think the Switch will be fine. It’ll do 50 million, if the price come down… the question is will it do 100? I don’t think so, that’s 20 million a year. 10 million a year for five years? For sure. 20 million a year ever? Probably not,” Pachter said.

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