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Nintendo Stocks Continue To Fall Despite Pokemon Go Passing 75 Million Downloads

Data research firm SensorTower are reporting that Pokemon Go has amassed more than 75 million users in the three weeks it has been available.

They attribute at least 50 million of these users to Android platforms while iOS users make up the rest.

According to them, “Pokémon GO has already blown by 2016’s other big launches, including Supercell’s Clash Royale, in the race to 50 million worldwide downloads. Despite launching four months earlier,Clash Royale is still working its way towards this milestone—but to its credit, so are most other mobile games at this point in their lifespans.”

To date, the game has launched in 32 markets with another 68 expected to follow.

While it’s certainly an achievement for the Niantic and Nintendo, it’s not all good news for the game.

Nintendo’s stock price has continued to fall another 6% after yesterday.

The company’s stock dropped 17% yesterday after they put out a note to investors saying the impact of Pokemon Go on their bottom would be “limited” by the size of their stake in The Pokemon Company.

Estimates by analysts have suggested that Nintendo’s share of Pokemon Go microtransaction profits is approximately 13% – just over a third of Apple or Google’s respective slices.

Given just how rapidly Nintendo’s stock rose in the wake of the game’s release, it likely has further to fall before it stabilises itself in value.

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