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Nintendo Boss Dodges Investor Questions About Switch Pro

Everyone expected the announcement of the Nintendo Switch Pro at the E3 conference, but it came and went without a peep.

At Nintendo’s annual shareholder meeting this week, someone asked the obvious question, and Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa completely dodged it.

“It was widely reported that a new version of the Nintendo Switch would be announced this June at E3, but no new model was announced at the Nintendo Direct E3 2021,” an investor asked. “

What are your thoughts regarding the news of new models such as this?”

“Our company uses Nintendo Direct to inform our customers about individual products at the appropriate time,” he replied, explain the focus is on production.

“To achieve that, we are constantly developing hardware, software, dedicated peripherals, etc., but we refrain from making comments on specific products still in development.”

So, I guess it’s still in development.

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