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Nikon Introduces Four New Coolpix Cameras With 4K

Nikon Introduces Four New Coolpix Cameras With 4K

Nikon has added four new models to its Coolpix line-up in the form of the B700, B500, A900 and A300, each capable of 4K video recording. 4k.

The new Coolpix models work in conjunction with Nikon’s SnapBridge app, enabling “continuous and immediate transfer of images from the camera to a smart device as they are captured in real-time”.

“This service comes with a host of features for added convenience, such as the embedding of location and image credit information, synchronisation of date and time, automatic uploading of photographs to Nikon Image Space storage area, as well as remote shooting via a Wi-Fi connection for shake-free shots,” Nikon states.

“Users looking to relive holiday memories or special occasions can also browse camera images, even when the camera is turned off.”

Nikon states that the B700 is classed as the most compact ultra-high-power 60x optical zoom, 120x Dynamic Fine Zoom camera in its category, with a 20.3 MP backside-illumination CMOS image sensor.

B700 features:

-Super Extra-Low Dispersion glass element to reduce chromatic aberration
– Ability to shoot in RAW format with no impact on image quality
– High-speed autofocus at approximately 0.09 seconds
– Enhanced Vibration Reduction (VR) performance with improved camera shake detection
– Easy and handy operation to help users navigate the ultra-high-power zoom is made available with the Snap-back Zoom and Side Zoom control buttons
– Advanced 4K ultra-high-definition movies with stereo sound are quick and easy to create in 3840 x 2160/30p format
– New “Superlapse” movie function, where still images saved from a recorded movie are automatically stitched into a 30 or 25 fps fast-motion movie
– Creative image making is embraced with an array of editing and post-processing functions
– An electronic viewfinder, equipped with an eye sensor, ensures a stable shooting position and easy switching between monitor shooting and viewfinder operation
– Vari-angle TFT LCD monitor allows for shooting from high and low angles, with clear visibility even under direct sunlight

The B500, meanwhile, is decked out with 40x optical zoom and 80x Dynamic Fine Zoom.

B500 features:

– Handles low-light shooting, reproducing fine details and excellent contrast with 16.0 effective MP and a backside-illumination CMOS sensor
– High-performance Vibration Reduction (VR) that comes with a compensation effect equivalent to a shutter speed of 3.0 stops faster
– A new mode dial enables an easy transition between 10 of the camera’s most frequently used functions, such as Scene Auto Selector, Smart Portrait Mode and Backlighting for quick operation
– Wide-viewing-angle TFT LCD tilting monitor to aid in unique composition styles from a variety of angles
– During the use of the camera’s telephoto zoom, subjects outside of the framing can be recaptured instantly with Snap-back Zoom, which shifts the zoom position to wide-angle for a broader field of view

The A900, made for travellers, is equipped with 35x optical zoom and 70x Dynamic Fine Zoom, along with a 20.3 effective MP backside-illumination CMOS image sensor.

A900 features:

– High-performance VR that works effectively to reduce camera shake even when using the camera’s 35x optical zoom
– Lens-Shift Vibration Reduction (VR) and electronic VR work in tandem, providing an effect equivalent to a shutter speed 4.0 stops faster
– Snap-back Zoom aids functionality during telephoto shooting by switching to wide-angle with the press of a button, allowing subjects that have been lost in the framing to be recaptured instantly
– Advanced 4K ultra-high-definition movies with stereo sound are quick and easy to create in 3840 x 2160/30p format
– New “Superlapse” function has also been introduced in addition to time-lapse capability for unique movie expressions that blend changing landscapes and unique perspectives for sharing
– Useful for vloggers and those who prefer to shoot without a tripod, the camera’s 4-Axis Hybrid VR also helps to effectively reduce the effects of camera shake during video creation
– New Creative mode allows the selection of various presets to create a personalised feel that matches the user’s preferences, enabling up to 36 unique options
– Multiple Exposure Lighten has been introduced as a new feature that combines multiple images taken with interval-timer for images of light trails and fireworks

Encased in a premium aluminum body and sporting a thin and lightweight design, the A300 is equipped with 8x optical zoom and 16x Dynamic Fine Zoom, with 20.1 effective MP and a wide-angle 25 mm (35 mm format equivalent) Nikkor lens.

A300 features:

– High-performance Vibration Reduction (VR) effectively reduces camera shake for an effect equivalent to a shutter speed 3.0 stops faster for sharp, crisp images
– Focus distance of approximately 2 cm for macro photography allows users to get closer to their subjects to capture the tiniest of details
– Equipped with Target Finding autofocus to ensure that desired subjects are always in focus
– HD movie recording is available in 720/30p format with a simple press of a dedicated movie-record button
– Users with a preference for handheld shooting are supported by a 4-axis Hybrid VR system which aids in reducing the effects of camera shake for perfectly preserved video memories
– Guiding users through the camera’s features is a new “Help” function, which automatically displays explanations on various camera functions
– During shooting, a Scene Auto Selector automatically identifies the optimum camera configuration for up to 10 scenes in various conditions, from backlit spaces to portraits at night
– Panorama Assist mode allows the capture of picturesque scenery without the need for time-consuming post-editing work
– Social media-ready selfies, with a multitude of face retouch options available during shooting and playback using the Smart Portrait Mode and Glamour Retouch

Nikon states that the new Coolpix models will be available in Australia in April.


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