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Nike Unveil Siri-Controlled Self-Lacing Shoes

Nike has announced its new Adapt Huarache range, featuring its self-lacing motor technology that can now be controlled by Siri via the Nike Adapt app.

The Adapt Huarache are due out on September 13 through the SNKRS app and from select retailers, though no official Australian availability and pricing has been confirmed.

A modern redesign of the Huarache line from 1991, it features the same neoprene bootie and exoskeletal support, though is now augmented with the introduction of the Nike FitAdapt self-lacing system run from a mid-foot motor.

An intelligent platform that updates and evolves along with the wearer, the latest iteration of FitAdapt allows for a wider array of personal preferences in various environments and situations.

Aesthetically, the new Huarache features two LED lights in the sole that changes colours via the app, which offer preset modes that can be set to different colours and change fits depending on your foot type and activity.

“The Adapt Huarache is a double-barrelled revolution – first, it brings a storied franchise into the future. Second, and most significant, it propels Nike FitAdapt into the fast-paced, quick-shifting world of the everyday athlete,” Nike said.

“It offers the personalised comfort needed in, say, the sprint to catch the bus, before seamlessly shifting fit as you settle into an empty seat with a sign of quiet relief.”

Ever since Nike decided to turn ‘Back to the Future’ fantasy into reality with its Adapt line, they have worked hard to prove this as not just a one-off gimmick for them, making their range more accessible with each new iteration.

Here’s hoping someone out there decides to make a real-world hoverboard soon too.

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