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Niche NSW Builder sMLXL Placed Into Liquidation, Mona Vale Golf Club A Victim

Another start up NSW builder SMLXL has been placed into liquidation, leaving several major projects in a state of flux including Mona Vale Golf Course, who after recently gutting their current club house were suddenly advised that their builder SMLXL projects had suddenly and without warning been placed into liquidation.

ChannelNews understands that both retailers and distributors are affected by the collapse of the business.

Lisa Mort who was appointed Chief Executive Officer at SMLXL Projects in March 2021, describes herself as a lawyer, who is skilled in “effective operational and financial procedures” now it appears that these skills failed to prevent a collapse of SMLXL Holdings, Administration or their Projects division.

The business was placed into administration on the 4th of July 2023 with one observer describing the business as “more Woke than substance”. Among the recent projects the Company undertook was Rafi Restaurant in North Sydney and Glorietta’s restaurant in North Sydney. They also worked on the Manly Wharf Hotel.

In her LinkedIn profile Mort describes herself as a skilled construction industry lawyer who is “proactive in developing company strategy, advising on risk (legal and otherwise)”.

In a statement issued to members of Mona Vale Golf Club Lance Barnes the Club President said that SMLXL project managers contacted the club whose club house has been stripped bare to advise that a liquidator had been appointed and the company (SMLXL) would be wound up earlier this week.

Not completed Mona Vale Golf Course,

Management claim that “Under our construction contract, we issued a breach notice to SMLXL to confirm breach of the contract. SMLXL have seven days to respond (until 12th July 2023). At the end of the seven-day notice period, the Club can resume control of the building site and continue with works in progress”.

“The Club’s project manager HGW is assisting us in keeping the works going, as well as seeking a new head contractor to replace SMLXL and finish the project”.

“The Club is very disappointed with this current situation, which has been completely beyond our control. The Club and HGW are urgently reviewing all potential options to get back on track with the clubhouse project”.

The liquidators are Trent Andrew Devine, Joint Liquidator and Peter John Moore, Joint Appointees.

SMLX executives Lisa Mort and Dean Ossip

Another director of the failed business is Dean Ossip who claims on the Company’s web site that he has “led SMLXL as Director since inception”.

He describes the business as being Australia’s foremost design and construction companies.

Ossip claims that MLXL broke the Mold of the traditional construction industry.

At one stage the business was managing 130 projects.

Prior to going broke, the business claimed that they specialised in design, construction, fit out, and refurbishment.

Ossip whose track record is now being questioned claims that what they delivered was a “new, more agile approach”.

The business claims that they have teams in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Perth.

Back at the start of COVID lockdowns Ossip, claimed the blockbuster growth which he bragged about came from “repeat business from satisfied clients”.

In 2018 SMLXL was ranked 11th in the Australian Financial Review’s “Fast Starters 2018 List.”

Back then they claimed $20M in revenues.

Calls to both the liquidator and the Company have gone unanswered.