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New Voice Reporting Feature Rolled Out On Xbox

Microsoft have announced a new voice reporting safety feature on Xbox in an attempt to assist with consumer report harassment during in-chat sessions.

Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and Xbox One users will able to capture 60 second clips that are found harmful.

The process is as follows:

  • Saving a voice clip that violates community standards
  • Submitting the evidence to the moderation team for review
  • Awaiting a decision

Any content that has been captured can be used during voice moderation, and won’t appear in recent captures, and unable to be shared. The clip will remain on the console for 24 online hours.

Corporate Vice President of Xbox Player Services, Dave McCarthy has said, “When we looked at the next important step in our safety innovation, our team targeted in-game chat because it is often the place where players have the highest opportunity to interact with players outside of their friend network.”

“We want players to feel comfortable jumping into any multiplayer chat feeling supported and welcome – and if they experience or witness inappropriate conduct, they can take action. Our work is never done.”

Voice reporting is just one of the features worked on in an effort to improve community safety.


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