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New Ultimate Ears Feature Can Connect 50+ Speakers Together

Ultimate Ears have announced a new app feature that lets users play music through more than 50 speakers at the same time.

The new PartyUp feature allows users to load up their existing UE BOOM and UE MEGABOOM apps to see nearby speakers, and quickly and easily add them to the party. The flexibility of wireless Bluetooth connectivity and waterproof means you can take the party practically anywhere.

“Now, when friends come together, they can easily connect their speakers without worrying about limitations. Whether you and your crew are on a rooftop without a power outlet, or 50 of your closest pals are floating down a river without a dry spot in sight, PartyUp lets the party grow within seconds,” said Charlotte Johs, general manager of Ultimate Ears.

If you have just a couple speakers together, or even if you have dozens, it’s a simple drag and drop process to add them to the party, and more speakers can be added later as more friends arrive. Ultimate Ears said they are the only manufacturer that can connect more than two speakers together over wireless Bluetooth.

The new feature is compatible with the UE BOOM, UE BOOM 2 and UE MEGABOOM speakers. The updated UE BOOM and UE MEGABOOM apps with PartyUp are available now from the iOS and Android app stores.  

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