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New Sony Earbuds Won’t Suffer Battery Drain

Sony have looked into an issue over the battery lifespan of previous earbuds for the development of the WF-1000XM5 earbuds, with the company claiming there are no longer any longevity issues.

Spokesperson Chloe Canta said “similar issues won’t happen because we have optimized the charging algorithm.”

No other details have been revealed, however it appears these earbuds were designed to resolve this issue right from the start.

With battery endurance a challenge through different Sony earbud models, they have previously released firmware updates aimed to reduce “the burden on the battery” and alleviating “the loss of battery capacity due to long-term use.”

These new ones won’t start shipping until early August, and hopefully these tweaks and improvements will help consumers feel better about purchasing them longer into the future.

The Sony WF-1000XM5 are official, and are promising better sound quality, improved active noise-cancellation and a better fit, with Sony focusing on two areas, sound quality and noise-cancellation.

A new Dynamic Driver X will provide “wider frequency reproduction, deep bass and clear vocals,” with the company stressing the improvement in low frequencies. The structure of the driver combines multiple different materials for the dome and edge, claiming to reduce distortion.

Noise-cancellation has been improved thanks to the addition of two microphones (one on each earbud), for a total of six mics, promising better noise-cancellation of lower frequencies.

Also coming with a new processor, the Integrated Processor V2 promising “unprecedented” noise-cancellation adapting to the environment, along with the addition of head tracking, which automatically adjusts sound fields to compensate for head movement.

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