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New Sonos Headphones Tipped To Cost Between $600-$700, Only Available In Black & White

New information has emerged about Sonos’s new headphones, which are tipped to retail in Australia if released for close to A$700.

It’s also emerged that the struggling US audio company will have a crack at a pair of premium earbuds that could see them competing with Denon’s new PerL Pros, which house advanced audio technology. It will be a struggle for Sonos to match them.

Internal documents reveal that Sonos believe that they can also take on the likes of Apple’s AirPods Max and Sony’s WH-XM10005 headphones which retail in Australia for $489.

When launched, Sonos is tipped to claim that their headphones have ‘unique’ Sono’s voice control and synchronization with Sono’s equipment, making them different and superior to other premium competitors.

In the bud’s market, Denon has their Nura technology, which is advanced audio technology developed in Australia while Sonos is punting on audio technology they now own after acquiring Irish Company RHA Audio.

Sonos picked the company up two years ago, with expectations being that it would focus on allowing users to customise the sound profile of the earbuds rather than compete with Apple on pure technical abilities Bloomberg claimed at the time.

According to several deliberate leaks by Sonos management whose sales in Australia sank 32% last quarter, the project name for the new headphones is “Duke”.

The headphones will come in two different colours with black and white options available.

Both Sony and Apple offer more colour options, with the latter selling AirPods Max in as many as five different colourways.

The Sonos headphones are tipped for an unveiling in March 2024 before going on sale a month or so later.

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