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New Skype To Give Google Meet and Zoom A Run For Their Money 

Skype has just received a makeover. 

And it is not just any makeover, it is one that can give its rivals such as Google Meet and Zoom a run for its money. 

Among the raft new changes of the videoconferencing tool is to make it run faster, more reliable, and modern-looking. 

The tech giant said that a new light theme, as well as making the main view during a video call and easier for participants to be seen together while on the tool was now available. 

The company also said that it would ensure that Skype would be on all of its web browsers such as Edge, Chrome, Safari and Opera. 

Besides having a swanky new outlook, the improved Skype also comes with a universal translator. 

“If you’ve ever seen the television show Star Trek, you might have seen Captain Kirk talking with a being from another planet using a marvellous device called the Universal Translator.

“You might have thought, “Wow, I wish I could have something like that in real life!”  

“Well now your wish has come true! 

“With Universal Translator, you can communicate with anyone in any language, on a landline or a video call.

“Low-cost calls with a real-time translator on top, we love bringing that science fiction from Star Trek to reality!” 


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