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New Samsung S21 Ultra To Get Holstered Pen

The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra appears to be getting a new stylus and an optional case that houses the pen in a case similar to the Companies S7 5G tablet stylus.

The news comes as Samsung appears to be leaking images and information ahead of today’s launch which is an unusual move for the South Korean Company.

Later today the Company is set to reveal a redesigned stylus complete with a a pressure-sensitive tip and the ability to function as a pointer, volume control and remote shutter release.

Samsung insiders have also tipped the S21 to get an on-board accelerometer that would enable gesture controls, so you can navigate slides and photo galleries with a wave of the (tiny) wand.

The S Pen will apparently be an optional accessory and cost around $65 in Australia.

What’s missing from the new device is a housing within the body of the S21 Ultra itself.

Instead, Samsung is using a cover case that will hold the S Pen in a housing that recharges the pen when not in use.

The Galaxy S21 Ultra is due to launch alongside the entry-level S21 and mid-range S21 Plus smartphone.

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