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New Samsung Foldable Phones & Watches What To Expect Tonight

Samsung has tech journalists in Australia locked down with NDA contracts (No Disclosure Agreements), thou it does appear that Samsungs favourite business journalists were not put under the same rigorous restrictions.

So, what will Samsung launch at 21 hundred hours tonight reveal?

If rumours and leaks are anything to go by what’s coming is a new “lightweight” Samsung Galaxy Z Foldable 5, A new Flip 5 phone with a new front screen that mirrors the already released and highly popular Motorola Razr 40 Ultra, along with new Galaxy watches with a rotating bezel a heap of accessories and a new range of tablets.

While I am restricted from telling you what I saw at a recent briefing in Sydney, online is awash with claims of what will be released in South Korea tonight.

Future owned Toms Guide, claims that the new Fold 5 is going to use a new waterdrop-style hinge.

The design of this hinge will eliminate that gap that exists between Z Fold panels when the phone isn’t open.

In theory, it could also allow for a thinner frame, and one where the gap along the part of the interior display that folds is a little less noticeable.

They have even issued a full list of rumoured specs.

See below.

US media group CNet claims the new Galaxy Z Fold 5, will only deliver minor update to the Galaxy Z Fold 4 though they do claim that it will be lighter.They also claim that “Among the biggest changes expected to the Galaxy Fold 5 is a redesigned hinge that should reduce the device’s thickness”.

They suggest a thinner and lighter build.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5

GSMArema claims the biggest change, quite literally, is the cover display. It’s ballooned up from a barely usable 1.9-inches and 260x512px to a 3.4-inch 720x748px screen that takes most of the cover.

The new display has an interesting, folder icon-like look, and makes room only for the dual camera system and flash.

They claim that Samsung will make better use of the bigger cover display by running specially optimized Google apps on it.

This includes Maps, Messages, and YouTube that will be fully functional on the new screen.

They claim that “The Galaxy Z Flip5 will close shut without a gap” They even publish a video.

They are also pointing to the new device as having an IPX8 rating.

The power for the new device comes from the use of a Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor with 8GB of RAM which delivers a speed bump they claim.

They also point to a 3,700mAh battery and 25W charging which they claim is an increase from its predecessor.

There guess is a 6.7-inch FHD+ display with a 120Hz refresh rate, and three cameras – an ultrawide and a wide and the back, and a selfie on the inside.

The screen could get a bump in brightness and the cameras a bump in lenses or sensors.

Also on the specs side, expect the Galaxy Z Flip5 to get DeX support.

They are also tipping a price increase and that Samsung is rumoured to double the production for the Galaxy Z Flip5 over its predecessor.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 6

How do you know when a leak is the real deal? When the tweet is taken down. And that’s exactly what happened with SnoopyTech, whose description of what was coming from Samsung in the watch market.

Several journalists were able to get access to the specs before they were yanked, I suspect by Samsung PR.

They claimed that the new watch range will feature a 1.31-inch display for the 40mm model and the 44m model could get a 1.47-inch screen. The Galaxy Watch 5 had 1.2-inch and 1.4-inch displays.

It gets better. The new Galaxy Watch 6 Classic could get 43mm and 47mm options with the same increased display sizes.

Phone Arena claims that “In Europe, for instance, the Galaxy Watch 6 40mm will be offered in Graphite and Cream”.

They claim Bluetooth version will cost around which translates to around while the LTE model will cost €369.99 or around A$599. With a 44mm case, the colour options are Graphite and Silver. The Bluetooth version is €349.99 or A$568 and the LTE variant will be offered for €399.99, or A$649.

The Galaxy Watch 6 Classic will be offered with a 43mm case in Black and Silver. The Bluetooth price will supposedly be €419.99 or A$764.

None of this information can be confirmed by ChannelNews because of NDA restrictions. We have also not been supplied with official press releases.

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