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New OLED Steam Deck Coming

A new version of the Steam Deck will be released by Valve Corp., equipped with more storage, an OLED screen, and better battery life.

Shipping will begin on November 16th, and the device will range in price from $549.00 USD for a 512GB version, to $679.00 USD for a limited edition, with more memory and a special carrying case.

It’s important to note that it still won’t be available in Australia. The company has already gotten on top of any foreseen backlash within its FAQ page.

“Steam Deck Limited Edition is an experiment for our team, and we were only able to make a small quantity. That said, we hope this is a successful experiment and customers are excited – if we see there is a large demand for this kind of product, we will definitely continue to explore more colourways in the future.”

The company have said it will also cut prices on previous Steam Deck versions, with the original released in February 2022. Valve refuses to share sales figures, but has claimed it has sold “multiple millions” so far.

The company also generates revenue from sales of games on Steam, the digital store it operates, which is linked to the devices.

This new version has been inspired by months of feedback from customers, with a list of suggestions including better display, longer battery life, and less dramatic improvements like a longer power cord. This device is also lighter, quieter, and cooler than its predecessor.

“It’s all the things we wish we could have done,” said product designer Lawrence Yang.

The new model has the same internal specifications as last year’s version, and won’t offer better game performance. It will, however, feature improved visuals thanks to the upgraded screen.

Yang said the company believes it can avoid supply constraints this time around. This issue plagued the original and led to months of delays for some.

He said his team will work on a Steam Deck 2, to feature a “next generation” power upgrade. This, however, won’t be available for at least two or three years.

“A lot of folks at the company are excited about this product. We are very invested in the Steam Deck.”

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