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New Microsoft Surface To Battle Chromebooks Head-On

Word has it Microsoft’s vision for the Surface is expanding to include an education-oriented Surface laptop that would take a challenge up against comparable low-end PCs and Chromebooks from HP and Lenovo.

Said to be an 11-inch device code-named Tenjin, it could have an 11.6″ display with 1226 x 768 resolution, as well as 8GB of RAM.

Other rumours suggest a USB-A port, USB-C port, headphone jack and barreled charger port.

While pricing is unknown at this stage, it’s believed it will be very moderate.

It should also be shipped out as Laptop SE, referring to the version of Windows 11 installed on it.

Windows 11 SE is reportedly going to resemble the current version of Windows 11 in S mode, with a focus on the classroom, highlighting speed for low-end hardware.

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