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NEW LG 2024 TV’s Coming Next Month

LG Electronics is set to reveal their 2024 TV lineup for the Australian market, at a function held at Allianz Stadium in Sydney, among the new range which has already been shown at CES will be new OLED Evo and QNED models with several models housing a brand-new processor with AI capabilities.

The new range will include 97, 83, and 77-inch sizes as well as a new 65”-inch model.

All four premium models will have a 144Hz refresh rate certified by Nvidia’s G-Sync and have an AV wireless transfer rate of 4K and 144Hz, upped from 120Hz last year.

The new premium models G4 range will come with Alpha 11 Processor that has four times the AI deep learning of their Alpha 9, processor according to LG management.

The big difference with the Alpha 11 processor is that converts 2-channel to 11.1.2 channel and has two more channels to handle ambient sound than the old Alpha 9 processor.

Missing will be the transparent Signature OLED T and wireless OLED M4.

However it is tipped there will be a mini-LED-based QNED90T 4K range that could be available in 65-, 75-, and 86-inch sizes, as well as an LED-based 4K QNED85T range that if launched in Australia will be available in  50-, 55-, 65-, 75-, and 86-inch sizes.

These QNED TVs all benefit from an upgrade to LGs a8 AI Processor that LG claims delivers a 1.3x increase in AI performance over 2023’s a7, processor.

Both Samsung and LG claim that their new processors deliver greater AI and graphic performance, as well as a faster processing speeds.

LG’s new AI Picture Pro uses uses deep learning such as being able to dentify faces, objects, and scene backgrounds to intelligently adjust and fine-tune the picture to enhance textures and realism.


Known for their OLED technology the big difference in LG’s 2024 models is the Alpha 11 processor which we were told at CES boosts graphics performance by 70%.

The C4 models, will only get the updated Alpha 9 Gen 7 chip.

Both promise improved brightness (150 percent for the G4 compared to the G3), along with more AI features like upscaling.

Both chips, when paired with compatible LG soundbars, will be able to transmit wireless, lossless Dolby Atmos audio, letting consumers get high-quality surround sound that is clear and sharp with dialogue a lot clearer.

Brightness levels on the new models will be close to 1,000 nits however this technology is not as bright as Mini LED TVs sold by TCL.

In addition, both the C4 and G4 support 144Hz refresh rates (with both G-Sync and AMD Freesync compatibility), so they’ll be better options for PC gamers.

Also tipped to be released is a 3.1-channel wireless Dolby Atmos soundbar, the SG10TY, which is designed to paired evo G Series TVs.

Also, in the LG soundbar range is tipped to be the nee S70TY, which matches with LG’s 2024 QNED TVs).

This is a slim wall-mountable soundbar that is designed to sync with their new the 65-inch OLED EVO G4.

Pricing for the Australian models have not been announced with mid-range models tipped to be around $2,900 up to over $40K for premium models.

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