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New iPhone Shatters, As Users Flood Social Media With Over Heating Complaints,

Owners of the new iPhone 15, are flocking to social media sites to complain about overheating issues, with many users not satisfied with the new handsets performance, and to cap that off reviewers are raising questions about ‘durability’ with an iPhone 15 Pro Max shattering when a test using a finger and thumb to bend the device “without too much effort” result in severe damage to the device.

Zack Nelson of popular YouTube channel JerryRigEverything is well known for his testing of new iPhones, but his latest test of the new iPhone 15 Pro Max appears to have exposed a serious flaw.

Yeah, I’m going to be honest, I did not see that one coming,” Nelson says, noting that he’s been doing bend tests for the last 11 years and most phones do not break, adding: “iPhones especially do not break, like ever.”

He goes on: “That snap was abnormally quick. Kind of stunned,” before pondering whether it had to do with the grade 5 titanium frame having nearly three times more tensile strength than aluminium or half the elasticity.

Notably, when Nelson performs the same bend test on the 6.1-inch iPhone 15 Pro, the smaller device handles it just fine.

As for overheating Reddit is awash with comments.

Digital Trends’ Christine Chan has said that her iPhone 15 Pro became hot during setup and restoration from a backup. Later, her phone warmed up again when backing up around 2,000 photos in Google Photos.

Several solutions are being offered to fix the problem including turning off Bluetooth on your handset when you are not using it.

Closing apps that use location services like Safari and navigation apps could also help reduce overheating, as could turning off Wi-Fi and AirDrop.

If you’re using an iPhone 15 case or iPhone 15 Pro case, removing it could also make a difference. Additionally, setting your phone to Airplane mode may help resolve the issue.

One solution being offered is to pack up the box and wait for Apple to fix the problem.

As for repairability iFixit has reported that all roads lead back to Apple when it comes to trying to do a self-repair of a new iPhone 15.

While Apple may have made the iPhone 15 Pro Max easier to repair physically, a teardown from iFixit reveals it still comes with the same parts pairing constraints as its predecessors.

Like the iPhone 14, iFixit found that the iPhone 15 lineup has a redesigned midframe that you can access by removing the device’s screen or back glass. However, iFixit notes that the internals on the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max live behind the screen, rather than the back glass, as is the case with the base iPhone 15 and 15 Plus as well as the iPhone 14 lineup.

This inverted setup could make “critical repairs like battery swaps slightly riskier than on the 14,” iFixit says, as you’re “removing the expensive, fragile display rather than an inert sheet of glass.” Since you have to apply heat when prying opens the screen, there’s also a higher chance you could tear a cable that links the display to the device itself.

And of course, despite the transition to a more repairable design, Apple is still making it difficult to swap out the parts on the iPhone Pro Max.

The company’s pairing requirement means DIYers, and independent repair shops can only use new parts purchased directly from Apple, to perform repairs or else lose functionality.

And there you have it, all roads lead to revenue for Apple.

Not only that but Apple also requires that you verify your repairs by contacting technical support.

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