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New Google Pixel Said To Offer Better Camera, Higher Price

Last year’s Google Pixel made waves in the smartphone market. However, the tech giant doesn’t look to be slowing down with preparations said to be well underway on the brand’s 2017 range.

Reports say that the so-called Pixel 2 handset will offer up the same pedigree of water-resistance offered by Samsung’s Galaxy S7 and Apple’s iPhone 8.

Unfortunately for customers, it’s expected that this feature will bump the RRP of the Pixel approximately $50 USD upwards.

There are also said to be marked improvements coming to the Pixel’s popular camera.

While the device’s camera will “not have large MP size,” it is expected to “compensate in extra features.”

Google are expected to announce the Pixel 2 around October this year.

Sources told 9to5Google that a budget model of the Pixel 2 is in the works for markets outside of the US.

It is understood that this Budget-Pixel will carry a much lower price point but come with slimmer hardware specs.

In their latest earnings report, Alphabet reported a surge in non-advertising revenue in the fourth quarter, up 62% from 2015 to $3.4 billion as a result of the Pixel’s popularity.

That popularity has even driven local and international shortages of the larger Pixel XL.

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