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New Dropbox Boss, Refuses To Talk About Premium Pricing, Vs Cheap Google Storage

Despite being the former sales director for Dropbox the newly appointed Country Manager for the US storage Company Dean Swann is refusing to do interviews, instead he prefers sanitised PR ahead of an open interview about the future of Dropbox and their premium business pricing strategy.

In Australia Dropbox is facing new competition from a surging Google offering cheaper pricing than Dropbox and Microsoft with their Azure One Drive offering.

According to Dropbox spin doctors Swann is not prepared to answer questions about the Companies operations in Australia with PR Company Webber Shandwick, the same Company that was dumped by both Lenovo and Sonos claiming that “Unfortunately we are not facilitating interviews with Dean as he makes the transition into his new role for the time being”.

Last month Dropbox shares fell roughly 3% when the cloud-storage company released results just after the closing bell.

But after Dropbox Chief Financial Officer Ajay Vashee issued the company’s outlook for 2019, shares fell as much as 12%.

The company reported fourth-quarter net losses of $9.5 million.

In Australia the Company has more free customers than paid with the Company constantly taking paying customers to their business offering in an effort to spruik an upgrade.

Compared to Google and Microsoft’s storage offering Dropbox is expensive.

A 3 user Dropbox business package will cost a business $17.50 for only 3 terabytes of storage per user Vs $10 with unlimited storage for 5 users on Google Drive where users also get access to suite of tools including email and word processing, free video and voice conferencing, documents, spreadsheets, and presentation creation tools as well as access to a low-code app development environment.

A single business user licence at Google is only $5.00. If you want unlimited storage you have to pay $27.50 a month X 3 users or $1,650 a year.

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