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New Chargers For Smartphones 80% Recharge In 60 seconds Coming

Chinese researchers have demonstrated a new technology that charges 80% of a smartphone battery in 60 seconds, the technology was demonstrated on a Huawei P30.

Professor Huang Yunhui of the University of Science and Technology of China used the recent Peking University Global Alumni Forum to reveal a new battery charging research program that has seen developers deliver what has been described as “unbelievable “smartphone charging where 80% of a battery can be replenished in 1 minute.

Currently the new fast charge technology is being demonstrated on a Huawei P30 along with other smartphones from Oppo and TCL.


The Chinese researchers claim that they are confident that they can quickly overcome the need for fast charging for 5G smartphones in the future.

The new research and the demonstrated technology is based on “Construction and Synergy Mechanism of High-Performance Composite Electrode Materials for Energy Storage”

The latter won the second prize for National Natural Science in 2016.

It uses the nitrogen-doped hard carbon anode material which is highest known capacity for battery charging.

Currently the fastest charger is made by Xiaomi who have a 100W device.

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