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New Appliance Creates “Joint Venture” Opportunity For Retailers

Is the next big thing in appliances set to be your own cannabis grower?

Canadian Company Danby Appliances has developed new product line that for some retailers could become a big “joint venture” with the appliance maker.

Sold under the auspices of being ideal for growing “herbs” the new Danby offering has been developed with grow-light vendor BloomBoss to create a suite of plant grow boxes designed specifically for home cannabis cultivation.

Danby will leverage technology from its current line of Danby Fresh grow boxes for herbs, greens and flowering plants.

In Australia, the Federal Government recently legalised medical marijuana and with several States looking for additional revenue it could be sooner than later that several States start pushing for legalised use of cannabis.

In the USA Marijuana has become a major tax and revenue generator as more states legalize its sale for medicinal and recreational use.

Danby Appliances is developing a new product line that is giving added meaning to “joint venture.”

Their new products will feature built-in automation that will allow novice growers to plant a seed and reap a successful harvest with minimal effort. The devices will also accommodate added chambers that will allow for continuous, year-round harvesting within legal limits — a feature that’s unique within the home grow-box market, Danby said.

“As both Canada and many states in the U.S. move towards legalizing the personal cultivation of cannabis, we are confident the combination of BloomBoss’s cutting-edge technology and Danby’s established production and distribution networks will position us to be the preeminent manufacturer of home-growing appliances for new and experienced cannabis growers alike,” said BloomBoss president/CEO Chuck Siegel.

BloomBoss is a leading manufacturer of high-efficiency, high-performance LED grow lights and related equipment for indoor cannabis cultivation by medicinal and recreational users.

Danby already markets a line of herb, micro greens and flowering-plant growers called Danby Fresh that it repurposes from wine cooler and beverage centre returns, and that incorporates BloomBoss’s grow lights.
Danby’s announcement follows the introduction of a bill by New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker that would legalize marijuana nationwide.