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New Amazon’s Echo Look, Similar To Samsung S8 Bixby Capability

One of the hot new products in the last quarter of 2017, is set to be Amazon Echo the voice activation system that is tipped to be launched by Amazon as part of their entry into the Australian market.

Sold by both Amazon and mass retailers such as Best Buy the device has revolutionised the voice activation market, with several big manufacturers now delivering products that easily interface with the Amazon developed device.

For those looking for fashion items on the Amazon website Amazon has overnight released Amazon Echo Look, the move is aimed at demonstrating Amazon’s intention to strengthen its position in the apparel fashion market which is set to come under threat in Australia as the US online retailer rolls out their expanded Amazon Australia website.

The Look features a voice-controlled camera that can capture images and video, while an accompanying app lets user’s browser outfits and create “lookbooks.”

ChannelNews used a similar device last week in Hong Kong via the new Samsung S8+ that allows users to shoot an image of a fashion product in store, and then by using Samsung Bilby their new built in artificial intelligence system one can search for similar products in other stores.

The Style Check feature in the Amazon app will provide an opinion on which outfit looks best, according to the company, employing advanced machine learning algorithms and advice from fashion pros.

As with the other Alexa-enabled Amazon devices, the Look can stream music, order items from Amazon and other stores, and control third-party smart-home devices. It does come with an off button for the camera and microphone.

Amazon is initially offering their new Echo product via invitation only. It has a US$199 price tag.