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Netflix Sued By Russian Users Following Service Suspension

US based streaming service Netflix has had a class action lawsuit launched against it by a lawfirm representing Russian Netflix users, after the company left the Russian market. Netflix suspended its service in Russia following the countries invasion of Ukraine.

Russian users are demanding compensation equating to just under $1 million AUD (60 million Russian roubles).

Law firm Chernyshov, Lukoyanov & Parntners were cited by the RIA news agency, stating “Today, a law firm representing the interests of Netflix users filed a class action lawsuit against the American Netflix service with the Khamovnichesky District Court of Moscow,”

“The reason for the lawsuit was a violation of Russian users’ rights due to Netflix’s unilateral refusal to provide services in Russia.”

Netflix have not yet commented on the situation.

Netflix are far from the only company suspending operations in Russia in response to the conflict in Ukraine. Spotify, Adobe, Apple and more have all halted sales and use of services.

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