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Netflix Developing Spatial Audio Support As Apple Tipped To Be In Talks With Loewe TV

As questions are raised about the audio quality of Apple’s headphones Vs the price consumers are asked to pay, Netflix has moved to exclusively develop “Spatial Audio” support for AirPods users.

There is also speculation that Apple is working with European TV Company Loewe to develop an Apple approved TV that could even be branded Apple TV.

The immersive sound feature works by using sensors and directional audio to track where your head is in relation to the source of the content.

Samsung who also own Harman, has been developing their own object tracking technology in an effort to deliver clearer more immersive sound.

New Loewe WE.By Loew TV range

The technology creates an immersive sound experience when listening to audio from movie tracks and it allows one to sense the direction of the sound as if you were in the film or TV series yourself.

To take advantage of Spatial Audio on AirPods when watching TV, you’ll need to watch content from a platform which supports it which is why Apple is believed to be in discussions with Loewe, whose TV range was recently expanded into 60 The Good Guys stores, with the German Company set to roll out a new range of WE. By Loewe TV’s which are designed to appeal to millennials shortly.

SlashGear recently reported that the source said Netflix has been working on enabling Spatial Audio for AirPods since December.

Rumours suggest the feature could be ready by Spring 2021 and that Apple fans will need AirPods Pro or AirPods Max to take advantage of it.

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