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Need Help? PS5 Controller May Have Voice Assist

What if you could ask your console for help when faced with the most complicated of gaming challenges, instead of having to search Google for a guide?

That may soon become a reality, with a new patent that some report reveal details of Sony’s next PS5 controller.

The patent, first published by WIPO, describes ‘a controller device that is held by a user’s hand, including a microphone, a tactile presentation device that presents a tactile sense to the user’s hand, and a speaker.’

‘While the user is inputting voice from the microphone, the sound of the speaker is suppressed, and tactile presentation control by thee tactile presentation device is performed.’

But the patent hasn’t yet been confirmed to be Sony’s PS5 controller – it’s still just speculation. However, several leaked Sony patents in the past have suggested voice commands will be coming.

Previously, patents assumed to be for the PS5 controller have suggested the new device will include a built-in microphone, which still wouldn’t replace the gaming headset.

But another patent filed by Sony last September revealed an AI-powered voice assistant called ‘PlayStation Assist.’ According to reports, the voice assistant would be able to dynamically respond to questions and provide ‘gaming assistance,’ such as pointing out health packs on a map or reminding the player of their objective.

If the reports are true, it would make Sony’s PS5 controller similar to what Google say of their Stadia controller.

However, it’s also important to note that the leaked patents may not be linked, and the devices detailed in them may never come to the market. But it’s still anticipated that Sony will add a voice assistant to the PS5 controller.

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