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Need A Breath Of Fresh Air? AO Air Has You Covered

A US start-up company is capitalising off the increasing levels of pollution in today’s air.

With catastrophic fires destroying millions of hectares of the Amazon forest, California and now Australian east and south coasts – there’s no better time to unveil a product that will literally make breathing easier and safer.

AO Air’s face mask, The Atmos, works by cleaning and cooling the air inhaled by the user, enabling the owner to control how powerful the effect should be, without a tight seal wrapped around their heads.

But the Atmos is set to cost hundreds more than its competitors – and is also much bulkier, which may be humiliating for users.

It also faces tough competition from brands such as Airvida, the world’s smallest wearable air purifier – the Airvida M1 will now be available from mid-October this year for $299 AUD.

Airvida M1 is a light necklace-style air purifier that generates 2 million negative ions every 0.6 seconds that will attach to airborne particles withing close proximity to the user’s face making them heavier particles that will end up falling to the ground. The ergonomic design can be incorporated to any occasion no matter where life takes you.

The Airvida M1 is one of the 3 series of wearable air purifiers that the company is developing for both adults and children that will be launched soon.

The Airvida M1

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