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Comms Minister Paul Fletcher has claimed the kudos for NBN Co’s latest achievement, announcing that NBN Co has trialled DOCSIS 3.1 on its HFC network to achieve downstream and upstream speeds of 1Gbps.

He claimed this vindicates the Government’s approach saying: “Thanks to the Liberal-National approach, the NBN is technology-agnostic and can take full advantage of advances in technology to deliver better outcomes to consumers at affordable prices.

“These results showcase that our multi-technology mix approach is the most efficient and economical solution in deploying lightning-fast speeds for millions of Australians.”

However in New Zealand, which maintained the fibre-to-the-premises approach instituted in Australia by the Labor Government – but scrapped by the Coalition in favour of its multi-technology mix – Chorus earlier this year announced that it had almost 10 percent of users on 1Gpbs services.

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