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NBN Blames Telstra For Slow Internet

NBN has shifted the blame for slower than expected internet speeds to Telstra for promoting higher speeds than some customers can access.

The Australian reported that Telstra customers had been signed up for plans that promised download speeds of 100Mbps, the maximum speed of fibre-to-the-home connections, despite being connected via slower fibre-to-the-node technology.

In some cases, speeds were reportedly as low as 1/500th of what was advertised. NBN directed customers to contact Telstra after finding no faults on its fibre network.

A Telstra spokesman said it typically recommends customers to downgrade their plan if advertised speeds would not be achieved on their connection, but no systems are currently in place from the NBN or telcos to accurately predict speeds before installation.

“While many customers moving to the NBN will be able to ­attain speeds into their premises within NBN’s top speed tier, underlying network factors mean some customers will see lower top speeds,” the Telstra spokesman told The Australian.

Starting next month, Telstra will publis information on average NBN speeds during peak periods. The telco will also begin providing customers with speed estimates based on their premises and connection later in the year.


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