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1 In 3 Aussies Mobile Purchase

1 In 3 Aussies Mobile Purchase Nearly one in three Australian smartphone owners purchased a physical good on their device, in 2013.

And that’s a hell of a lot of consumers running into millions, considering 70% of the population now own a smartphone.
Australians are increasingly comfortable purchasing goods online, according to Telsyte Digital Nation study, and adapting to new technologies.
Even more consumers buy via their tablet (43%), as the shift to ‘post PC devices’ like iPhones and tablets, gets in full swing. 
Over $20 billion spent on e-commerce last year – consumer electronics was among the most popular categories and online tech purchases rose 8%. 
“This boom is being driven by more suppliers like Kogan, JB Hi-Fi hustling bargains,” says Foad Fadaghi, Telsyte analyst. 
Nearly a two-thirds of consumers believed they saved money by buying items online.
PC and console games and hardware also among the most popular categories bought on the internet, although this is more mature than newer industries to hit the web like clothing and footwear (now the No. 1 category), beer and wine.
This m-commerce revolution means mobile consumers will soon match those who ship via a PC, which is still the most popular device for web purchases. 
However, this mobile growth will be influenced by the availability of apps by retailers and supply side considerations, says Fadaghi.