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Monster TV: 200″ JVC Kenwood HD 3D Wall

The video wall display a joint project between Japan’s National Institute of Information and Communications Technology and JVC Kenwood offers translucent crystal clear images- quite literally- letting you see around or behind on-screen objects.

The 200 inch mammoth screen boasts 1920 x 1080 pix with viewing range of a full 180 degrees as long as you stay within 4ft distance, according to Diginfo.

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What a Monster! JVC Kenwood 200 inch wall screen

Oh, and it also boasts glasses-free 3D technology.

 If looking at an image of a square box, the side corners will be apparent also, according to one of the engineers involved in the project.

The JVC Kenwood lets viewers walk around the TV and look at the screen from 57 various angles using an array of projectors and see images at 60fps, on 13 degrees viewing angles.

Suitable for advertising displays, don’t expect this to hit the home any time soon although the technology is a massive leap forward for glasses free 3D technology.