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MSI Reveals First 32” & 27″ QD-OLED Monitors

As QD-OLED technology continues to advance, MSI is one of the first to manufacture gaming monitors that have been based on Samsung’s 32-inch and 27-inch flat QD-OLED panels. 

Last month, the plans of MSI were leaked, and now the official announcement has come about, introducing four new flat QD-OLED monitors. 

See below the monitors from MSI: 

  • 32-inch MSI MPG-321URX QD-OLED: UHD 4K, 240Hz, 0.03ms GTG 
  • 32-inch MSI MAG-321UPX QD-OLED: UHD 4K, 240Hz, 0.03ms GTG 
  • 27-inch MSI MPG-271QRX QD-OLED: WQHD 2K, 360Hz, 0.03ms GTG 
  • 27-inch MSI MAG-271QPX QD-OLED: WQHD 2K, 360Hz, 0.03ms GTG 

MSI said, “For flat panel models that gamers have been eagerly anticipating, we’ve prepared a variety of models, ranging from 27″ WQHD to 32″ WUHD models that have refresh rates of up to 360Hz. Our new QD-OLED flat displays significantly enhance the visuals performance for AAA games, especially those of the FPS genre.” 

MSI has also revealed other information for the monitors, including support for up to 90W USB-C power delivery, and an MSI Console Mode.  

There’s also MSI OLED Care 2.0 which is said to significantly reduce the risk of OLED burn-in. 

These monitors will be available in 2024, and are expected to be showcased at CES next year. 

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