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MSI Announces Trident X Series

MSI have supercharged their latest gaming PC, the Trident X, with RGB lighting, Intel’s 9th Gen processors Core i9-9900K providing 50% more performance than the previous iteration, and NVIDIA’s RTX 2080 Ti graphics one of the most powerful graphics cards on the market today.

The Trident X is a compact 10L chassis, slimmer than most gaming PCs on the market, but like most gaming hardware it features dazzling and customisable RGB LEDs with built-in software and the option of side tempered panels – hinged so you can perform upgrades to the hardware easily.

The Trident X is also available in a more modest, but still powerful, Intel Core i7-9700K CPU, and Nvidia’s RTX 2080 and 2070 graphics cards.

To make sure the compact system stays cool with such powerful hardware, MSI has separated the GPU, CPU, and PSU into their own internal chambers, so they can be cooled individually without impacting each other’s thermals.

MSI has also included “Silent Storm” cooling tech stating on their site that the system utilises “three separate airflows to individually cool different components within the Trident X while it is under heavy load. This allows for optimum performance, ideal for live streaming, multitasking, or AAA games.

MSI Trident X offers up to 32GB of 2,666MHz DDR4 and with options for both M.2 and 2.5-inch SSD and HDDs, so there’s plenty of storage and memory space for terabytes of storage if needed.

It’s scheduled to go on sale in November with a starting price of $2,300.

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