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Motorola Doubles Down On New MotoMods

Motorola, having already confirmed that a 3D camera will be coming to their Moto Z, today revealed a number of other new MotoMods for their modular handset.

The 3,000mAh Mophie JuicePack provides almost 30% more additional life than the powerbank, featuring its own USB-C port for independent charging and a small status indicator light that lets you keep tabs on how much juice it has left.

It’s set to retail for $80 in the States. No Australian pricing yet confirmed.

Motorola have also teamed up with Incipio again to offer a car dock MotoMod that charges your smartphone and automatically launches driving apps like Android Auto.

It’s set to retail for $59 in the States. Again, we’ve reached out to Motorola but have no confirmed Australian pricing at this time.

Given the challenges it faces, growing the library of MotoMods is pretty much the smartest move for Motorola to make at this stage.

The company has said it plans to release even more MotoMods in 2017 compared to this year, at a rate of four per quarter and is also running a competition for tech startups and innovators to get involved via IndieGoGo.