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Moto E5 To Feature An iPhone X “Notch” & AI

Recent leaks have provided a glimpse of Motorola’s 2018 smartphone line up – including the X5, Z3 and G6 – with many of the devices drawing inspiration from Samsung and Apple’s flagship phones.

Motorola’s 2018 phone line up was leaked by DroidLifeprompting renowned tech leaker, Evan Blass, to exclaim:

“I’ve never seen a leak as thorough, as early, and as potentially damaging to a company as @droid_life‘s renders-and-all reports covering nearly the entire 2018 Motorola lineup—barely halfway through January”.

DroidLife’s leaks provide information on six forthcoming Motorola handsets, inclusive of image and specifications.

Based on the leaks, it seems Motorola has invested heavily in R&D, rolling out a suite of high-end features to its generally competitively priced phones.

Motorola’s 2018 line up shows some elements of inspiration from Apple & Samsung’s flagship devices; the X5 features 3D FaceID and a “notch” like the iPhone X, or the possibility of in-display fingerprint recognition (like Samsung’s forthcoming phones), whilst the Z3 will incorporate a Samsung Galaxy 8-esque infinity display.

There will also reportedly be a 5G Moto Mod.

Adding to their flagship specs, all the phones are rumoured to feature glass, rather than metal, back.

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