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Most Consumers Open To Persuasion When Buying Electrical Goods

Nine in ten consumers are open to persuasion in the first stages of buying new electrical goods, a NewsMediaWorks report has revealed.

After recognising the need to buy a new appliance, only 11% of consumers already have a specific brand or model in mind. The average consumer will then take about three months to make a purchase, with new televisions being the most popular appliance consumers are looking for.

Price plays a big role in the next stage of researching options, with 58% of consumers looking for information on product cost. Specifications (49%) and where to buy (44%) also play an important role. Many buyers look to the internet when researching, however catalogues and news media have the most influence of the paid advertising platforms, said NewsMediaWorks CEO Mark Hollands.

“Buyers of electrical goods see news media as a ‘one-stop shop’ for the key pieces of information they require throughout the path to purchase. Alongside catalogues, news media consistently outperforms other paid media. And three million consumers say the last catalogue they read was found in a newspaper.”

About a third of consumers used news media when deciding what to buy, and half used news media when looking for reviews and recommendations.

When it comes to making a purchase, 52% based their purchase on brand reputation and 40% were influenced by their experience in store.

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