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WhatsApp Calls Unleash ‘Mid 2014’

WhatsApp Calls Unleash ‘Mid 2014’
  WhatsApp Calls Unleash

WhatsApp Ceo Jan Koum announced at Mobile World Congress 2014 that the VoIP calls service would be available mid year on Android and iPhone first and then Windows Phone, BlackBerry. Best of all calls will be free. 
With over 465 million users there ll be plenty of people WhatsCalling on the cult messaging service, which will rival other service like Microsoft-owned Skype, and Viber. Telco’s won’t be happy either. 
Koum also insisted the messaging service would not change post-Facebook takeover. “Mark really understands that for WhatsApp to stay successful it really needs to stay independent.”   
The Social Network purchased WhatsApp for US$19bn last week including $3bn worth of Facebook stocks for staff, owners.  


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