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Microsoft Pledges Full iPhone Gaming Service Despite Apple Spat

Microsoft has pledged to deploy its video-game streaming service onto iPhones and iPads, despite being embroiled in a squabble with Apple over App Store rules.

Reported by Bloomberg, Microsoft Xbox boss, Phil Spencer, has revealed the company is engaged in ongoing discussions with Apple, and is committed to bringing its xCloud gaming service to its ecosystem.

Referring to a slew of requests online, Spencer affirms “we remain committed”, and encourages fans to “just know we will get there.”

Microsoft’s xCloud gaming service launched on Android devices, with Apple’s App Store terms blocking gaming that streams straight from the web to its mobile OS.

Whilst the iPhone maker has relaxed its rules, the service does not offer the full freedom of Android, thereby hindering the user experience for iPhone owners.

The news comes as Microsoft and Google ramp up their cloud gaming capabilities, concurrent with the global rollout of 5G technology.

Microsoft’s xCloud allows consumers to stream games to mobile devices, and is part of its premium Game Pass Ultimate Service.

If Spencer’s remarks are anything to go by, it may not be a totally impossible for Apple users to gain a similar xCloud gaming service as their Android counterparts in the future.

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