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Microsoft Takes On Chrome With New Internet Browser

Microsoft has announced its new Edgeweb browser that is set to take on Google Chrome.

By enabling users to install extensions from the Chrome web store, Microsoft has made transition from Google to their own browsing systems almost seamless.

Edge browser also shares a similar aesthetic and system to Chrome – meaning customers won’t have to adapt to new functions or lose confidence while browsing online.

This is because it’s developed on Chromium – the same software that built Chrome.

(Andrew Matthews/PA Wire)


Edge will replace the original Microsoft version of the browser in a future Windows 10 update, the company revealed in a blog post. But customers can still download and install Edge immediately.

It’s available for macOS, Windows 10 as well as iOS and Android.

It’s the latest move that see’s Microsoft trying to lure customers back from browsers like Chrome to Edge – but it could also be useful to retain new customers who purchase the new Windows 10 in the future.

The original Edge was intended to capitalise on the Internet Explorer era but instead faced several issues – including poor performance on certain sites and a lack of third-party extensions to add new features.

Ultimately, other browsers like Firefox and Chrome prevailed and won internet user preference.


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