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Microsoft Set To Make Changes To Windows 10 That Could Annoy Millions

One of the most widely used elements of Windows 10 is about to change as part of a major Microsoft upgrade that could annoy a lot of users.

The move comes as millions of people around the world are migrating away from Windows OS to Google Chromebooks.

Last week Acer, who are #1 in Chromebooks worldwide announced a new stylish enterprise Chromebook, in the US Chromebooks are used in more than 60% of schools and is gathering momentum in Australia.

The big change is set to be to the Windows Start Menu.

Start Menu is one of the most important features in the WIN OS as it acts the gateway and the way that apps installed on a Windows 10 machine.

Today the Start Menu is a pop up whereas with Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 listed apps full screen.

Five years after it launched Windows 10 worldwide, Microsoft is now ready to make major changes to the Start Menu if images seen on a Microsoft Facebook page are to be believed.

Revealed on the official Microsoft 365 Facebook page, the new images reveal a cleaner Start Menu with a translucent background that gently blurs the desktop background image – or any of the windowed applications that happen to be running when you launch the pop-up menu.

The image also reveals the new-look Fluent Design icons, which are a little less busy than the previous design.

Instead of filling the entire square, the Icons are located in the middle of the tile with translucent open space around the edges, similar you’ll find on the current version on the Start Menu on your Windows 10 machine.

What is remaining are Live Tiles, is one of the trademark features of the latest version of Windows and Microsoft Surfaces new emails, headlines and weather updates in the small icon within the Start Menu – so there’s no need to click to open specific apps to find out what you need to know.

Microsoft is not saying when, we’ll see the new version of Start Menu arrive on PC’s and notebooks.

The fact that Microsoft is releasing images of its new vision for the Start Menu is a hint that it is not too far off or they maybe teasing to see what reaction there is to the concept.

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