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Microsoft Quietly Closes Windows 10 Mobile App Store

Microsoft has continued phasing out the Windows 10 platform, and has silently shut down the core functionalities of the Microsoft App Store. This step means the end of an era for Windows 10 Mobile.

Users have reported the homepage can’t be accessed anymore, and the pages designated for app downloads/updates fail to load properly. The app details page is also experiencing issues.

The problems with functionality come following a December 2019 decision by the company to end support for all Windows 10 Mobile devices.

Despite terminating device support, the Store app remained operational, with Microsoft assuring users the system wouldn’t be receiving additional updates. App and software support was left to developers and OEMs.

One crucial feature is the support for sideloading, which allows users to install apps outside the Microsoft Store. This will remain an alternative, especially following the malfunction of the store.

Some users have revealed the store resumes to normal function after the latest offline package installed.

Microsoft is transitioning away from the focus of mobile platforms, and is now concentrating on AI and the PC market. Rumours have been circulating that the company is actively working on developing Windows 12.

CEO Satya Nadella has also made a statement recently, saying discontinuing Windows Phone was a mistake.

Although the PC market is now a major area for Microsoft, the mobile device market continues expanding with new products like the foldable phone.

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