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Microsoft Pulls The Plug On Surface Earbuds

Microsoft has pulled the plug on their new Surface Earbuds which were due to be launched pre-Christmas.

The Company that were looking to take Apple head on are now looking at the second quarter of 2020, no explanation has been given for the decision to delay the roll out.

According to Bloomberg Microsoft is the latest company to stumble in a race to catch up with Apple’s popular AirPods which is now facing competition from cheap knock offs that are selling for as low as $59.

The announcement of a delay was made by Panos Panay, the company’s chief product officer, on Twitter.

Set to be priced at more than $400 in Australia the Surface Earbuds are priced the same as Apple’s new $399 AirPods Pro, but the delay means Microsoft will be missing out on a key category this holiday season.

Google has also been working to upgrade its wireless earbuds.

That product will also be missing this holiday season. The company is aiming for a release in the spring at a price of $249.

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