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Microsoft Add Office & Emoji Shortcut To Keyboard

Microsoft has added two new dedicated keyboard shortcuts to its latest Windows 10 focused keyboards, announced today from $49.99.

While not available to purchase until October 15, the Microsoft Ergonomic keyboard for $59.99 and the Bluetooth Keyboard for $49.99, have both appeared online.

Both keyboards feature the newly included Windows 10 shortcut button for improved interaction with the Microsoft Office Suite, and a dedicated emoji button for access to emoticons for instant messaging and other online communication.

The same keyboard layout can be found on both, with the Ergonomic design split in the middle for better wrist positioning.

The Bluetooth keyboard is just as the title suggests, wireless, and is powered by two AAA batteries, while the Ergonomic keyboard is not wireless and instead relies on a USB 2.0 wired connection.

While Microsoft had previously announced ‘Surface’ keyboards in tandem to its Type Covers for the recently updated Surface laptops, these new keyboard peripherals are clearly geared towards the average consumer.

The focus of these new peripherals is on the Windows 10 app, accessible through the dedicated shortcut key to the right of the space bar.

By default, the key will launch the Office for Windows 10; however, it can be configured to launch any specific Office application with an additional key input, e.g. Office key + W for Microsoft Word.

Microsoft has also made the strange decision to include a dedicated emoji shortcut key, raising the question, how much do we really use emojis on a PC?

Especially considering its more of an Apple thing to support or foster the use of Emojis, as is exemplified by continual updates to the modern emoticon lineup.

It should be noted however that without Windows 10 none of the shortcut keys will function.

Both keyboards are compatible with Windows 8.1 and 10, however only the Ergonomic keyboard is compatible with Windows 7.


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