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Micro Chips Could Soon Be Replaced By Animal Biometrics

Technology that uses biometrics continue to soar – whether it be your face, voice, vein recognition, eyes or fingerprint.

But it’s not just human biometrics now, new products on the market are now aiming to tackle animal biometrics to enable lost dog or cat tracking.

At this year’s annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, South Korea’s Union Community pitched the UBio Pet ID, that identifies dogs using their nose prints, which the company says can be identified individually, just like a human fingerprint.

‘We are planning to introduce a leading pettech product by combining algorithm technology and optical sensor manufacturing technology,’ said Union Community President Shin Yo-shik.

‘As the database becomes bigger from increased users, the accuracy will be improved through AI-based algorithm.’

(Photo: ETNews)

The Pet ID nose print scanner to do exactly this, with the cutting-edge recognition service enabling owners to register their pets and their noses.

The UBio Pet ID applies optical sensor that scans and understands every little pattern of a companion animal’s nose to help obtain an accurate nose print, which can then be searched and identifiable to the pet.

The model will also include a service that registers identifications of pets and allows identification points at insurance companies, hotels and hospitals.

If Union Community’s technology is successful and recognised as an international standard, it could replace the current micro-chip market.

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