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Meta’s Horizon Worlds Mobile App Could Launch Soon

Meta’s long awaited Horizon Worlds, the VR metaverse social platform, could be launching sooner than expected.

Rumours have been circulating the company are working on a mobile horizon, with it only available on Quest VR devices, however it still hasn’t arrived.

Meta revealed it had built a working version last year, but “we ended up not shipping it. It was a little bit too much of a VR game on mobile as opposed to a mobile-native experience.”

At the end of January, it was revealed the app would be coming to mobile and web “soon,” without specifying exactly when.

It was announced however, that Super Rumble, a shooter game Meta just launched inside Horizon Worlds, will be one of the first available games beta tested, and “has been built with imported objects, assets and textures, something that wasn’t previously possible with Horizon,”

Horizon Worlds has yet to be a huge hit for Meta, with a recording of under 200,000 users in October, however Threads received over 100 million users within a week.

Threads however, is a free app for phones, and Horizon Worlds requires a Quest VR headset.

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