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Messenger Gets A Makeover: Facebook Rolls Out Update

Facebook has given its Messenger platform a makeover, as it looks to bring further dimensions to the inbox.

In unveiling the update, Facebook, noting that over 900 million people use Messenger every month, states that users “can also now do more than just send and receive messages”.

The changes are angled at making it easier to start conversations, be it connecting with people or businesses.

facebook5“Up until now, most inbox experiences haven’t kept up with the new ways people connect,” Facebook states. “So, we’ve been thinking about how we can make it simpler and easier to find what you want to start a conversation.”

Facebook states users will see “conversations and ways to connect right where you need them most”.

Under the changes, users will see the first few most recent messages at the top of their screen, followed by a new Favourites section, highlighting the people messaged most frequently, providing quick access to the user’s last conversation.

“We hope to show you other things happening on Messenger that you might be interested in, too,” Facebook states. “For example, with the Active Now section, you can see that a good friend or colleague is available in the moment.”

Meanwhile, reminders, such as people’s birthdays, are also being added, with Facebook stating that the updates are aimed at making “Messenger simpler to use by presenting more relevant information”.


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